Create safe passage for the families at Mount Duneed Regional Primary School

24 March 2023

For many years now the City of Greater Geelong Council (COGG) has rebuffed the pleas of the Mount Duneed Regional Primary community to improve the surrounding road infrastructure and has been neglectful in its duty to provide safe passage for the children and families attending the school.

The condition of the roads and access to school is now in a critical state. The near misses of children versus cars, parents with prams slipping and falling, and unpassable access for vehicles and buses are a regular, if not daily, occurrence. Instead of acknowledging the dangerous conditions and taking action, ongoing correspondence with COGG confirms they are unwilling to provide the necessary measures to ensure our children's safety during the time of surrounding development along Feehans and Williams Road.

We, the parent community of Mount Duneed Regional Primary, urgently call upon and implore COGG to take action and PROVIDE SAFE PASSAGE for our children and families in the commute to and from our school. We call on the COGG to step up and meet several of the top priorities in their current Community Plan of enabling communities to walk/ride (promote healthy behaviours), and reduce car congestion by providing temporary paths and safe crossing access to the school from existing surrounding estates along Feehans and Williams Roads (reduce emissions and meet transport needs).

City of Greater Geelong you aim to achieve a "Proud, Safe and Healthy" community. At this stage, the state of the roads around our school and the ability of our children to get to school is none of these. We cannot afford to wait any longer.

Concerned Parents of Mt Duneed

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Last week, Chelsea Bunting from the Geelong Advertiser wrote an article titled 'Safety Concerns Over State of Williams Rd, Mount Duneed'. The article detailed and reiterated the concerns from the parent community of Mount Duneed Regional Primary School. 

The article once again outlined the continued inaction by the City of Greater Geelong to improve school children's and local families safety. 

Click the link below to read the article 

Safety Concerns Over State Of Williams Rd, Mount Duneed Geelong Advertiser