Our Armstrong Creek Community Deserves a Staffed Library

Libraries are not just places to get books. They are essential community hubs that strengthen the community, encourage lifelong learning, and provide a space for residents to come together. But to do this, they require staff members to be present and available to the community. The residents of Armstrong Creek, Charlemont, and Mount Duneed deserve full access to all services that their library can provide, and this includes adequate staffing.

The Armstrong Creek growth corridor is the fastest-growing community in regional Australia, with a population of 55 to 60 thousand residents, including Armstrong Creek, Charlemont, and Mount Duneed. This community deserves access to the same services that established suburbs in other parts of Geelong have, including a fully accessible and staffed library.

The recent draft budget proposed by the City of Greater Geelong is alarming as it does not allocate sufficient funds for the library to be appropriately staffed. This will greatly reduce the services that the library can provide, and it is unacceptable.

I call on the City of Greater Geelong to provide funding for the adequate staffing of the Armstrong Creek Library facility to make it fully accessible and to allow the community of South Barwon the opportunity to benefit from this facility.

The proposed cuts in the City of Greater Geelong's draft budget is completely unacceptable for this growing community. If you agree, join me in campaigning on this important community matter.