Petition Success: Faster Internet to Local Homes

PETITION SUCCESSFUL: I'm very happy to announce that thousands of residences in Highton, Belmont, Grovedale and Marshall will be upgraded thanks to the Andrews Labor Government's partnership with NBN Co.

The Victorian Government is teaming up with NBN Co to deliver massive speed improvements to eligible households in your area. If you are interested in participating, you can register for updates on the NBN website.

If you have any questions about this fantastic program, you can visit the Connecting Victoria website.


Is your internet connection slow and unreliable? Is the NBN letting you down?

We rely on the Internet for everything - work, study, online health support, banking, shopping, everything. But the internet in many Geelong suburbs is too patchy, too slow and too unreliable and it means we can’t keep up.

I've been speaking with many local residents who have told me about the persistent NBN issues they have been facing.

Although digital infrastructure is a Commonwealth responsibility, it is clear not enough is being done by the Federal Government. So the Andrews Labor Government is stepping up, investing in new infrastructure to deliver vital improvements to internet connectivity where Victorian households need it most.

If you want faster and more reliable internet in our area, please sign this petition.