Protecting the Trees of Highton, Belmont and Geelong

I have met with many residents from Highton and surrounding areas who have raised with me the importance of protecting the many beautiful mature trees across our suburbs, in the face of increasing tree clearing for development. 

Highton is well known for its many mature trees that have stood proud for decades, and residents have watched in horror as the Geelong Council allows more and more to get cut down indiscriminately. Now more than ever, trees provide a vital role in protecting us against the worst effects of climate change and cool down our suburbs. 

I am deeply concerned about this issue, and support the community petition calling on the Geelong Council to increase protections for mature trees, plant more trees, and shelve plans to change the minimum garden requirements which promote more greenery. You can sign the community petition here:

Let me know that you care about this issue too, and fill out this form.